My Approach

Integrative psychiatry utilizes a holistic scope for mental health treatment, incorporating conventional psychiatric treatments (medications) with complementary, integrative or alternative healing practices (nutrition, movement, yoga, acupuncture, meditation, etc). This holistic approach for mental health provides options beyond the disease focused, reductionist model of conventional psychiatry. The emphasis is on a healthy mind, body and spirit, through practices encouraging awareness, acceptance and compassion. Integrative psychiatry treatments stem from a growing scientific evidence base of many holistic health practices that have long been thought to be beneficial alone and now appear to be effective adjuncts when used in conjunction with conventional psychiatric treatments.

My approach to integrative psychiatry is to help individuals access their own inner resources to heal their suffering. I work with a collaborative and strength-based perspective that integrates my training in adult, child and adolescent psychiatry, cognitive behavioral and mindfulness based therapies, as well as training in yoga and medical acupuncture. Read more on Mind Body Health.

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