For adult clients

Typical adult clients I see are in university or graduate school, in a new career or may be looking at a transition within their careers, or are looking for greater fulfillment in their lives. Some shared concerns I can help with include stress management, level of productivity, difficulty with sustained focus or attention, extreme worry, low mood, intrusive thought patterns, and more.

I utilize a treatment foundation that is strength based and client focused. I come from a preventative and holistic healing background and incorporate these practices in my psychiatric practice to encompass the mind, body and spirit.

I offer combined psychotherapy and medication management (when latter is indicated) as well as yoga therapy, acupuncture and natural supplement counseling. I incorporate evidence based cognitive behavioral therapies, biofeedback and mindfulness-based skills to help build your skill set in improving confidence and self-esteem, emotional awareness, affective coping skills, stress management, organization and problem solving skills.

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