Important Practice Info (established clients)

INSURANCE:  Please note I am an out-of-network provider and currently do not accept insurance. I will provide you with a monthly statement for your insurance company through the secure online patient portal. This “superbill” contains all of the information you will need for reimbursement. Please note that although many PPO insurance plans provide reimbursement, I cannot guarantee the rate of reimbursement your plan allows for. If you have any questions, you will need to contact your insurance company prior to scheduling an appointment to confirm your reimbursement.

CANCELLATIONS:  I have a 2-business day cancellation policy for follow-up appointments.  After that time, you will be charged the full fee for your follow-up appointment.  If you cancel more than 2-business days before your appointment for any reason, you will not be charged anything.  If you cancel with less than 2-business days notice and I am able to find someone to fill your appointment slot, you will not be charged for this session. Please note this applies to follow-up appointments.  If you are a new client, please refer to the practice policies for cancellation of initial appointments.

MEDICATIONS:  For those clients who are seeking medication treatment, please note that I generally I do not prescribe medication alone without concurrent ongoing therapy. You will achieve much greater benefit from the combination of therapy and medication compared to medication alone. If you currently have a therapist, I would ask for your permission to allow me to collaborate with your therapist in order for me to provide medication management services.

If you are prescribed a medication, please note you will need to schedule a face-to-face appointment with me (Dr. Kristie Boyce) in order to receive a refill.  It is your responsibility to schedule an appointment at least once per month so we can discuss whether continuation of the medication is appropriate. I understand there are circumstances when in-person appointments may be prohibitive and telemedicine sessions may be scheduled. I do require at least once monthly in-person sessions for all requests of continuation of a controlled substance. In the unusual case that a prescription was lost or stolen, or an emergency prevented you from keeping this monthly appointment, I may provide up to one week supply of the medication until you are able to schedule the in-person visit.

How do I request access to medical records? All requests must be in writing; no telephone requests can be accepted. Your written request should be on the specified form that I will provide upon request. This information is necessary to help identify your record in the event that there are other patients with a name similar to yours. An appropriate fee based on the current hourly rate may apply for preparation of a treatment summary.

Contact me with any further questions.